About Us

SwiftMaps and Graphics

Swiftmaps™ and Graphics is a nationally recognized leader in World maps, United States maps, State maps, and the SwiftGlimpse™ line of calendar products. Our mission is to provide outstanding products to business, education, government, and private consumers across the globe. Founded by David Swift in 1998 after his long-term partnership with A World of Maps, Swiftmaps and Graphics is the largest privately-owned map store in the US.

Wall Maps

In 2014, David expanded their online selling platform to include Amazon, considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. They quickly became one of Amazon’s Top Sellers in the wall maps category.

Wall Calendars

Two years into the Amazon business relationship, David began to add an emerging product line to Amazon’s wall calendar category. Creating the SwiftGlimpse™ brand, the Swift Calendar division launched with an expansive array of wall calendar and desk calendar products, all made in the USA.